Jorge Juan Santacilia (Code: SE60)


Jorge Juan SantaciliaJorge Juan Santacilia

Exceptional figure of the great sailor and statesman Jorge Juan de Santacilia dress the uniform of chief of fleet and the rank of knight commentator of the Great Malta´s Order, in the medium age Hospitallary Knights, is notable the precision of the details like the dress-coat or the wig. 


Jorge Juan SantaciliaJorge Juan Santacilia

In his 300 anniversary of his born this figure is an homage to one of the best man of our history. Jorge Juan de Santacilia (Novelda 1713 Madrid 1773)  his one of his man what sometimes appear in the history. Knowing in the scientific world like “The spanish wise” (El sabio español) his biography is a model of service to the illustrated reformist along the XVIII century. Was member of a french-spanish commission what survey in the Peru an arc of the meridian and whit this adjust the form of the earth.


Also play one role like intelligence agent and survive to one complicated industrial espionage mission in England.

Jorge Juan SantaciliaJorge Juan Santacilia

Was named for the Marques de la Ensenada, in this time first minister of the king Carlos III, for modernize the old structures of the Spanish Navy, in this task build the new dams and the shipyards of the Cartagena, Cadiz and Ferrol harbors. And in this structures develop a new concept of naval construction. In his period how director of Cadiz Naval School introduce a new concept of teaching to the new naval officers. Also established   in Cadiz the first Astronomical Observatory of Spain. Also was ambassador in the court of Morocco Sultan and in his lasts years director of the Royal Seminary of Nobleman of Madrid. Apart of this career develop prominent studies of mathematics, naval building and navigation.

Jorge Juan Santacilia

  • Presentation: in luxury quilted case
  • Paint: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Total weight of: 1.627 grs 
  • Pedestal: brown, ultraviolet barnished, hihgh bright
  • Number of pieces: 10
  • Pedestal sizes(mm): 60x60x42
  • Pedestal write: "Jorge Juan y Santacilia 1713 -  1773"
  • Total measure including a wood base: 24,5 cm