Catalonians volunteer 1860 (Code: SA11)


Figure of a cornet of infantry along the Africa War (1859-60), wear the uniform of the catalonians volunteers  of the called “Prim´s Brigade” a voluntary unit formed by catalonians and what in combat wear the traditional cap of Catalonia the “barretina". 

 This sculpture is based in  the picture “The battle of Tetuán” by Francisco Sans y Cabot (1864). This picture can be see in the Buena Vista palace see and Head Quarter of the Spanish Army.

The catalonians volunteers were efficient troop well trained and armed, in 1859 all the spanish public opinion want the war against Morocco and along the country many citizens enlisted like volunteer for the war.

In the Basque Country is collect four millions of  “reales” the currency of this time, and formed a voluntary unit the Alava´s Tercios of Basque. In Catalonia the abbot of Monserrat bless the catalonian volunteers before to embark to Africa  the 3 of February of 1860. Was over 500 and wear a typical wardrobe adapted to the war use and specially the “Barretina” cap   what are today in use in the typical costumes.

Under the command of the general Juan Prim, Prim was original of Catalonia, fight in fiercest battled of Tetuán in vanguard of the attack. Seventy, with his commander Sugrañes in front, died in combat but the same Prim in the head of his volunteers climb the wall of the moor fortress and take the city, in this moment taken the moor guns and used then against the rest of moor troops what still fighting and finish with his resistance.


Years after the bronze of this guns was fused and use to built the lions what watch the doors of the spanish parliament in the San Jeronimo Street.

  • Presentación: in luxury quilted case
  • Pintura: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Peso total:  1.207 grs
  • Peana: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright
  • Nº de piezas: 13
  • Medidas peana (mm): 60X60X42
  • Leyenda peana: "Voluntario Catalán"
  • Altura total (con peana): 20cm