Corporal Telegraphy Regimient 1902 (Code: SE12)



Figure of a corporal of the Telegraphy Regiment in campaign uniform 1902. Shod with a simple sandals see the detail of the bobbin of telegraphic wire in the left hand and carries the spanish Mauser rifle model 1893.




For the model of the Battalion of Telegraphs is formed in 1902 the Regiment of Telegraphs, with see in Retamar Barracks in the village of El Pardo.




The new unit was formed with four companies of the old battalion and two companies what comes each one from Tenerife and Palma de Mallorca


Cabo rgto telégrafos


  • Presentación: in luxury quilted case
  • Pintura: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Peso total:  1.095 grs
  • Peana: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright
  • Nº de piezas: 11
  • Medidas peana (mm): 60X60X42
  • Leyenda peana: “"Cabo Rgto. Telégrafos 1902"
  • Altura total (con peana): 23 cm