Sergeant of Tercio XVI century (Code: SE31)


Sargento de los Tercios XVISargento de los Tercios XVI

Sergeant of the Tercios with his halberd in hand. Vital rank in the tercio´s organization they are in charge to transmit the orders from the captains to the soldiers, what the troops are ready for the combat and were disciplined. Was the man in charge of the discipline and his execution.

Sargento de los Tercios XVISargento de los Tercios XVI

This rank was created after the War of Grenade, XV century, by petition of the captains of the army what looking for a link of command among the commands and the troops. The soldiers chosen for sergeant have to been veteran, experienced, brave and capable and not a young and inexperienced recruit, normally were taken by the body of corporals or exceptionally soldiers with long experience.

Sargento de los Tercios XVISargento de los Tercios XVI

Don’t accept any form of indiscipline  of his subordinates, stay firm in the face of the corporals and veterans and study the orders for their applications in the best way and will receive orders from differents commands obey then what comes from the high graduation.


Order the night services, watch the night guards and for discipline can punish any subversion with and specific halberd but without leave grave injuries to the punished.

Sargento de los Tercios XVI

  • Presentación: in luxury quilted case
  • Pintura: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Peso total:  1.229 grs
  • Peana: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright
  • Nº de piezas: 13
  • Medidas peana (mm): 60X60X42
  • Altura total (con peana): 30 cm