Colonel military engineer 1728 (Code: SE15)





Colonel of the Royal Corps of Engineers in high uniform 1728. This figure show the first uniform of this branch created the 27 of March of 1728 by the king Felipe V. Was the Viedma Earl and former chief of the spanish armies in Holland, what propose to the king to come to Flanders the great military engineer Brigadier D. Jorge Próspero de Verboom, perhaps the best military engineer of his time, to organize the Engineer Corps  in similar way to the French Army for the special need for the Succession War.






The 4 of July of 1710, Verboon make a first proposal of organization with a total 9 officers, dutch and french, and all the officers what can bºe find in Spain with the new ranks of Enginner Director, Enginner Chief, Second Enginner and Enginner.




The 27 July of 1710 Verboom was captured in the battle of Almenara, but also in the Prison of  Barcelona how prisoner of war  continues develop the project and after his liberation the king accept the proposition and for Royal Edict his created the Engineer Corps in Zaragoza   the 17 April of 1711. The military engineering run along the technological  evolution of the mankind from the built of castles of fortress or roads or bridges.




  • Presentation: in luxury quilted case
  • Paint: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Total weight of:  1.303 grs
  • Pedestal: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright
  • Pedestal write: "Ingeniero Militar 1728"  
  • Pedestal sizes (mm): 60X60X42
  • Total measure including a wood base: 23 cm