Surgeon campaign hospital 1793 (Code: SE38)


cirujano de campañacirujano de campaña

 In this regular uniform can see the sabre what have right to hold. This costume especially the jacket is out in the campaign hospital and the work id do it in sleeves of shirt.

cirujano de campañacirujano hospital de campaña

In every hospital has a doctor, a major surgeon, two helpers of surgeon and twelve male nurse for injections. 

cirujano de campañaciujano de campaña

In the regiments have two surgeons named by the colonel but confirmed by the General Inspector  for certified what are professional and capable. The foundation of the Royals Colleges of Surgeon is probably the major success of the spanish military medicine. 

cirujano hospital de campaña

  • Presentación: in luxury quilted case
  • Pintura: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Peso total:  1.151 grs
  • Peana: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright
  • Nº de piezas: 8
  • Medidas peana (mm): 60X60X42
  • Leyenda peana: “Cirujano Hospital de Campaña 1793”
  • Altura total (con peana): 23 cm