Quarter-Master of the Army 1770 (Code: SE53)


Intendente del Ejército 1770Intendente del Ejército 1770

The quarter-master is a functionary introduced in Spain by the Bourbon dynasty, what perform his competences over a determinate territory. The showy of his uniform is justified by his daily activity, more focused to the “high class” what to management minor business.

The Quarter-Master in Spain was a functionary designed and belonged by the king, what enjoy of many powers and had the mission the collect of taxes and the improvement of the economy, along the control of the local authorities, the care of the Royal Factories, the improve of the agriculture and cattle-brand, the realization of maps and leases, the maintenance of the urbanism, etc. This figure hold a sense of centralism absolutist characteristic of the administration reforms performed by the Bourbons. 

Intendente del Ejército 1770Intendente del Ejército 1770

His implantation come for the age of Philip V. To engage the economic situation what suffer the Spanish Empire at the begins of XVIII century, the king begged the help of  France what send to Juan Bautista Orry, what among some measures, recommended the introduction of the management system in Spain. After of some studies the system was introduced , and the new first functionaries were send to the economic management of the Army because the country were in the climax of Succession War (1701-1714).


The firsts Quarter-Masters are of the year 1711. First are named some functionaries with the charge of Quarter-Master General of the Army, for the control of the territories wined in the war or of army, exchequer and public expenditures. For the success of the measure was given to then the control land zones called from this moment “intendencias” (administrations)


Intendente del Ejército 1770Intendente del Ejército 1770

 In 1718, with the “Ordinance of Quarter-Master of Army and province” of fourth of July of these year were transformed in quarter-masters of army and province and perform his duties in the civil affairs with competences of justice, exchequer, war, police. And with posteriòrity will win competences in the economical field (agriculture, trading, industry, transports) and sometimes accumulated the rank of “corregidor” (mayor of a city) in the capital of his province. In 1724 the rank of Quarter-Master of Army was over in the  provinces without  military presence. And with the exception of Navarra the forces begin to belong of his respective  Capitanía General (regional supreme headquarters)

In 1749, the king Ferdinand VI  perform the system with an administration by province, together with the administration of the provincial capital (the charges back to segregate in 1766) Any quarter-master will be helped by a lieutenant lawyer or great mayor  

subordinated to him, sometimes two of each  for legal functions. The extension and number of provinces don´t be stable and sometimes were divided in “partidos” (districts).

Intendente del Ejército 1770

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