Intendancy Officer 1908 (Code: SE54)


Loaded with his inevitable notebook, this figure of an officer of the Intendancy (Logistic) Corps reflect with magnificence the pulchritude and functionality what characterize forever this branch.

How detail we can expose the emblem of the branch in the collar of the uniform. The emblem of the Intendancy Corps is a sun between two branches of palms.

Is reproduced with all details emblems, bottoms, epaulets, belts and sword-hilt, golden in Intendancy (Logistic) and silvered in Intervention (Management). In this epoch the the colors of the uniform and the fringe of the cap and trouser they are in crimson in Intendancy and white in Intervention.

  • Presentation: in luxury quilted case
  • Paint: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Total weight of: 1.190 grs
  • Pedestal: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright
  • Number of pieces: 9
  • Pedestal sizes(mm): 60x60x42
  • Total measure including a wood base: 22 cm