Artleryman 1830 (Code: SA17)


  The Royal Guard was organized in this times like a Corps Army whit an Infantry Division whit two brigades whit on high command unit directed by a commander general of the division and two chiefs of brigade. 

 A Cavalry Division whith two brigades of cavalry, light and of line, the first whith either regiments of rangers (cazadores) and another of lancers and the another whith an regiment of grenadiers and other of cuirassiers, the command was the same what in the infantry division. 


Also the Royal Guard ranked a company of Sappers Pontoneers and one of the Train of supplies and naturally is Mounted Artillery Squadron. All under the rule book of first of may of 1825



 The singularity of this piece is what show the lees know figure of a officer of the artillery squadron of the Royal Guard.


Artillero 1830