We participate in different acts of military culture

The painter Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau, famous for his pictures of military thematic was distinguish with the title of “Animous Dux”, rewarded by the Mechanized Infantry Brigade “Extremadura” XI, BRIMZ XI, in a celebration in the base “General Menacho” in Botoa (Badajoz) in which he accepted a FERPRAD military sculpture with this motif. The root of the title “Animous Dux”, (Courageous Leader) come by the motto of the BRIMZ XI. “Animosorum Ducum Terra” (Land of braves chieftains).  


The see of the General Captainship of the Command and Training hold the exposition  “Soldiers of Spain. From Flanders to Afghanistan”. The date offered to the visitors the possibility of make a visual way along their more significances centuries under the look of the pictures and figures of the Augusto Ferrer Dalmau and FERPRAD respectively. The Andalusian Historical Renactment Federation give live with his lively recreations  the reality of them ancient soldiers. 



The deliver of trophies of XI Trophy of Golf  Ministry of Defence count again with the figures of FERPRAD transformed in really sportive rewards. The higher authorities of the Defence Ministry and of the three armies appreciated the artistic qualities of the figure “Mayor Quarter-Master of the Tercios” with the which were granted the majority of  winners of the trophy. 


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