We participate in different acts of military culture

With the solemnity what deserves  the 300 years of military of services to Spain and with the acknowledgement to the men and women what were part of Lusitania 8 regiment. 

Yesterday the members of this regiment placed in the Marines, (Valencia) Base. Closed the  events of celebration of his anniversary.  



FERPRAD were present in the close of events what commemorate the 300 years  of military services to Spain of the famous Cavalry Regiment “Lusitania” Nº8. After an intense moth of military acts, the close of this anniversary is translated in the deliver  of differents presents to the more significance persons   what they had given in the past and in the present give live to this military unit. The more detached detail was without  doubt  the FERPRAD horse sculpture of a “Grenadier of Lusitania Dragoons Regiment Nº8”.


The close of the International Defence Course in Jaca give the possibility of deliver different historical figures from FERPRAD to somebody of more distinguished speakers what participate in this forum organised  by the General Military Academy. Political figures like Jaime Mayor Oreja or popular journalists how Javier Nart chose this presents by the hands of Military Academy director, The date will be repeat also in year 2003.


entrega a JAvier Nart

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